Welcome to the master list of posts for Planetary Magic, hosted by the Strategic Sorcery community. Strategic Sorcery is a “one year boot camp in tactical magic”. Author, sorcerer and all around great guy Jason Miller gives a series of 52 lessons that jumps off from strategies given in the modern occult classic The Sorcerer’s Secret. Check out the link above for more details and some testimonials.

If you’re new to blog hops, all of the links below are about the topic of planetary magic and they’re all live NOW!. Read them in order, jump around or save this page to look at them later.



  1. Jason at Strategic Sorcery
  2. Lee at The Holiest Percher
  3. Sfinga at Summoned Sphinx
  4. Scarlet at Unseen Seraph
  5. KB at Caduceus Wild
  6. Lonnie at Tarot Heathen
  7. Dave at Etteila’s Craft
  8. John at The Astral Bridge

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