About the Astral Bridge

  The Astral Bridge is the vision of three very different artists. Here you will find hand-crafted oils, powders, statuary, and magical tools. The Astral Bridge is also a place of divination. Tarot readings and online classes are all available. Located in the greater Atlanta area and with a combined experience of over 30 years of spiritual practice and divination, our practitioners have the knowledge, skills and wisdom to help you find your path and achieve your goals.

Tarot Readings and Classes

“I believe in the Tarot.  I believe it is more than just a tool to tell fortunes.  They are a tool of wisdom.  They help to tap into that divine wisdom that requires a key to access.  The tarot is that key. ” Scott
Spiritual Oils

Spiritual Oils, Powders and More

Hand crafted and empowered Hoodoo, Vodou and pagan oils, powders and more. You’ll also find other hand-made items to assist you in all your workings!

Art and Statuary

Original artwork, including tarot inspired paintings, original paintings, sculptures and more!

Setting of Lights

If you have an emergency situation or need guidance, please contact via the form below. We’re happy to light a candle on our altar for your need.

Tarot Testimonials
I found my reading to be dead on. I have called 3 times and was amazed by the accuracy of the reading. I do have to say that mos if not all of what was said over the phone was accurate and happened within a short time after the reading. David G

I am a regular client and I have no plans or reasons to go anywhere else for a reading.  Scott has been insightful in his readings and he has helped to solve many issues in my life.  I feel refreshed and renewed after a reading, and I am always looking forward to my next. R.G.B.

Scott really did a great job with my reading! It was very insightful, and it was so accurate – I was very impressed with the information he provided in the reading in regards to my past . I would definitely go back again for another reading! L.G.

Wow the reading you did was incredibly accurate. Thank you so much! Christina G. C.

Scott has read for me quite a number of times and each reading has had an uncanny ringing of truth and premonition. Questions and topics I’ve brought to him include: health, love, finances, and job and all of his words have proved to be truth. I thought my most recent reading would be my most challenging since it was not a typical, “when will love find me?” reading, but rather a reading regarding safety and a current specific creative project. His insight into both was astounding, comforting, and exciting. I agree with him, and will heed caution in my call for personal safety and will run like the wind with my person endeavor. My readings with Scott always leave me feeling energized and ready to take on the world. His talent instills faith and comfort in what will be, what is meant to be, and I cannot wait to catch up with my future self. I think we’ll get along famously, and we’ll both be thanking Scott for his time, his cards, and his natural (intuitive) gift. Erin Chambers

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